All products are compatible with StrongARM and RISC OS 4. Some products are enhanced for RISC OS 4. All prices include VAT and UK carriage (where applicable)

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Web Authoring

HTMLEdit Studio (Whole Suite) £105
Next-generation Web authoring tools for RISC OS HTMLEdit Studio is the solution to all your Web authoring needs, whether large or small. Available either as a complete suite or piece by piece as a series of components:

HTMLEdit 4+ £53
Award-winning HTML editor with many powerful features

WebsterXL £25
Fully-featured Web browser, tuned to work with HTMLEdit

Enhanced Web Designer's Toolkit £30
Visual editing of frames, tables, animation, image maps etc.

WebSpell (HTML-aware spelling checker) £15

Also Available:
SiteMaster 2+ £30
Site management tools for checking, moving, publishing and uploading whole or partial web sites.
Now includes WebUpload v2 - powerful new application!


AddressIt £99
Post code and address finder system that no business can afford to be without! Works with most/all other RISC OS software. Upgrades from Fabis version available.

EasyClip 2 £25
Graphical resource management system
Store and manage your clip-art collection with great ease

Network Printing
Print-server Box inc Software £160
2/3-port 10Mbit print server, supplied with Network Printers software: access up to three traditional printers via a network
Others Available - ring for details.

Network Printers £40
(Software only; includes site licence)
Print to network-enabled printers and print server boxes


Anthem £70
The RISC OS MIDI Sequencer, with extensive features. Ring for details - we can advise in most sound/music matters. Some of the products we stock include:

Parallel Port MIDI Interface £95
ESP MIDI Synthesiser Plus £55
Listen to MIDI music without expensive hardware!

Internet Utilities

R-Comp Internet Suite £63
First class software to get you online!
Consists of DialUp, Messenger Pro 2 & WebsterXL (described below).
Available with a 56k Modem and Account for £115.

Messenger Pro 2 £33
Comprehensive email and news reader software

WebsterXL £25
Browser with support for advanced Web technologies

DialUp £20
Internet connection utility; supports multiple ISP accounts
NB. £15 to Messenger Pro owners, or £10 if you own WXL

Also Available:

SiteSeer £25
Web site grabbing utility for offline viewing

Messenger Pro 2 New Version!

The leading RISC OS Email system is now easier to use, yet packs in many new features including message deferring, improved threading, "Hotlisting" of links for when you go online and much more. Includes a new 48 page printed manual.
Contact us for upgrade prices and more information £33


Descent 1 & 2 Double Pack £35·00
Spheres of Chaos version 2 £15·00
Abuse £25·00
The Chaos Engine £20·00
Doom+ Trilogy £32·50
Final Doom £15·00
Heretic and Hexen £30·00
Heroes of Might and Magic II £35·00
The Price of Loyalty (for HoMM2) £22·00
Quake £23·00
Syndicate+ £29·00
TBA Classics (six-game collection) £22·00

RISC User in a Nutshell CD £32·00

R-Comp Interactive is the UK distributor for:


Ankh £10·00
Exodus £20·00


Various titles