All products are compatible with StrongARM and RISC OS 4. Some products are enhanced for RISC OS 4. All prices include VAT and UK carriage (where applicable)

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Have live conversations with friends and family anywhere in the world when you are online!

Web Authoring

HTMLEdit 5 Studio (Whole Suite £115
HTMLEdit Studio contains:
HTMLEdit V5 £55
WebsterXL £30
Web Designer's Toolkit v2+ £30
WebSpell (HTML-aware spelling checker) £15
Also Available:
SiteMaster 2+ £35
Network-in-a-Box New Product!
Network-in-a Box gives you all you need to
network up RISC OS and Windows computers,
and share printers/internet Containing 2 network
cards, cables, the Internet/Print sharing box,
software and 5 printed, step-by-step manuals
covering both RISC OS and Windows.


New Product!
Similar to above, but for ADSL and without the shared
printing. Everything you need to network a RISC PC/A7000 and Windows PC for ADSL


100Mbit Network Card - NEW!
High speed 10 and 100Mbit card. Price includes VAT and delivery. Available NOW. This exciting new product allows RiscPC/A7000 machines to take advantage of higher speed networking ,and co-exist more easily with other machines on high speed networks. What's more, the new cards are more cost effective too!

Internet Utilities
R-Comp Internet Suite £69
First class software to get you online! Consists of DialUp, Messenger Pro 2 & WebsterXL (described below) Available with a 56k Modem and Account for


DialUp ........................... £23
Internet connection software
NB. £18 to MPro owners, or £12 if you own WXL

Messenger Pro 2 ........... £37
Easy to set up and use,
Flexible view options
Offline and Network (£45) and Server (£100)

WebsterXL .................... £30
Support for advanced Web technologies
Support for frames, tables, CSS and JavaScript
Includes 128-bit SSL --shop with confidence!
Uses plug-in interface to support Java, Flash etc.