All products are compatible with StrongARM and RISC OS 4.
Some products are enhanced for RISC OS 4. All prices include VAT and UK carriage (where applicable)

32bit Iyonix-compatible upgrades now available - please phone!

22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS. Tel 01925 755043. Fax 01925 757377.

Please note - R-Comp prices now include VAT and UK carriage


We have taken over development of the leading DTP-style, relational, RISC OS database - DataPower 2. An extended CD release has been produced (removing the old credit-based protection system) and a brand new 32bit version. The CD includes the latest release, plus an online manual in various formats, as well as tutorial and "Using DataPower 2" material.

DataPower 2 CD version £99
Upgrade to CD for existing DP2 user £25
32bit upgrade for existing v2 owners £25
CD version 32bit charge £15
DataPower Home CD version £49
DPHome for existing v1 owners £25
Image Outliner (26/32bit) £17.50

Web Authoring

HTMLEdit 5 Studio (Whole Suite) £115
HTMLEdit Studio contains:
HTMLEdit V5 £55
WebsterXL £30
Web Designer's Toolkit v2+ £30
WebSpell (HTML-aware spelling checker) £15
Also Available:
SiteMaster 2+ £35
Internet Utilities
R-Comp Internet Suite £75
First class software to get you online!
Consists of DialUp, Messenger Pro 2 & WebsterXL
Upgrade for use with Virtual RPC £30
Available with a 56k Modem and Account for £115

DialUp v2........................... £25
Internet connection software
NB. £20 to MPro owners, or £15 if you own WXL

Upgrade from DialUp v 1 for £12

Messenger Pro 2 ........... £37
Easy to set up and use,
Flexible view options
Offline and Network (£45) and Server (£100)

WebsterXL .................... £30
Support for advanced Web technologies
Support for frames, tables, CSS and JavaScript
Includes 128-bit SSL --shop with confidence!
Uses plug-in interface to support Java, Flash etc.


Network-in-a-Box New Price!
Network-in-a Box gives you all you need to
network up RISC OS and Windows computers,
and share printers/internet Containing 2 network
cards, cables, the Internet/Print sharing box,
software and 5 printed, step-by-step manuals
covering both RISC OS and Windows.

ADSL-in-a-Box New Price!
Similar to above, but for ADSL and
without the shared printing.
Everything you need to network
a RISC PC/A7000 and Windows PC for ADSL

More Cable broadband and ADSL
items available at new lower prices!
100Mbit Net Card
High speed 10 and 100Mbit card £89
UniPrint   Available now!
"Universal" Network Printer Driver £40
The software allows your RISC OS machine to
print to any printer connected (and working)
to a WindowsPC on your network. That £50 USB
inkjet or expensive Photo Printer? No problem.
UniPrint solves your RISC OS printing problems.
UP VAcorn / PCcard & UP Deluxe £30 / £50
The Virtual Acorn version allows VA to print
(and virtual RPC), and allows printing
via PC card. "Deluxe" includes both standard
UniPrint and the VA version, plus Sprite printing.
Download track/album listings and play or convert
your music at the click of a button!