All products are compatible with StrongARM and RISC OS 4.
Some products are enhanced for RISC OS 4. All prices include VAT and UK carriage (where applicable)

32bit Iyonix-compatible upgrades now available - please phone!

22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS. Tel 01925 755043. Fax 01925 757377.

Please note - R-Comp prices now include VAT and UK carriage


We have taken over development of the leading DTP-style, relational, RISC OS database - DataPower 2. An extended CD release has been produced (removing the old credit-based protection system) and a brand new 32bit version. The CD includes the latest release, plus an online manual in various formats, as well as tutorial and "Using DataPower 2" material.

DataPower 2 CD version £99
Upgrade to CD for existing DP2 user £25
32bit upgrade for Iota v2 users £40
CD version 32bit charge £15
DataPower Home CD version £49
DPHome for existing v1 owners £25
Image Outliner (26/32bit) £17.50

Web Authoring

HTMLEdit 5 Studio (Whole Suite) £115
HTMLEdit Studio contains:
HTMLEdit V5 £55
WebsterXL £30
Web Designer's Toolkit v2+ £30
WebSpell (HTML-aware spelling checker) £15
Also Available:
SiteMaster 2+ £35
Internet Utilities
R-Comp Internet Suite £75
First class software to get you online!
Consists of DialUp 3, Messenger Pro 3 & WebsterXL
Upgrade for use with Virtual RPC £30
Available with a 56k Modem and Account for £115

DialUp v3........................... £25
Internet connection software
Upgrade from DialUp v2 for ............£15

NetFetch v2 for Broadband............. £25
upgrade from NetFetch v1............. £15

Messenger Pro 3 NEW! ........... £39
Easy to set up and use,
Flexible view options
Offline and Network (£45) and Server (£100)

WebsterXL .................... £30
Support for frames, tables, CSS and JavaScript
Includes 128-bit SSL --shop with confidence!
Uses plug-ins to support Java, Flash etc.


Network-in-a-Box New Price!
Network-in-a Box gives you all you need to
network up RISC OS and Windows computers,
and share printers/internet. Containing 2 network
cards, cables, the Internet/Print sharing box,
software and 5 printed, step-by-step manuals
covering both RISC OS and Windows.

ADSL-in-a-Box New Price!
Similar to above, but for ADSL and
without the shared printing.
Everything you need to network
a RISC PC/A7000 and Windows PC for ADSL

More Cable broadband and ADSL
items available at new lower prices!
100Mbit Net Card
High speed 10 and 100Mbit card £89
UniPrint   Available now!
"Universal" Network Printer Driver £40
The software allows your RISC OS machine to
print to any printer connected (and working)
to a WindowsPC on your network. That £50 USB
inkjet or expensive Photo Printer? No problem.
UniPrint solves your RISC OS printing problems.
UP VAcorn / PCcard & UP Deluxe £35 / £50
The Virtual Acorn version allows Virtual RPC to print,
and allows printing via PC card. "Deluxe" includes both standard
UniPrint and the VA version, plus Sprite printing.
Download track/album listings and play or convert
your music at the click of a button!