Welcome to the international show focussed on this marvellous stable intuive RISC OS operating system:

RISC OS eXperience Show - unique on this continent!

All hardware and all software, brand new - almost new - 2nd hand - antiques.
Equipment, accessories, spares.
Demo's and information. Sales.
Utilities and latest upgrades for all applications and OS-versions, free or at a bargain.

Pimp your RPC now at a tasty price!

  • Free venue.
  • Free parking.
  • Near train station, bus stops at entrance.
  • Drinks at a fair price.

Once more we are organizing this year's RISC OS eXperience. Last year between 50 to 70 visitors attended the show, many of whom brought their own system. The atmosphere was friendly and inspiring. Many people made new contacts or renewed old acquaintences.

Some quotes from commercial attendants:
"Thanks again to you and the club for your excellent hospitality that day and evening. I enjoyed it so much." - Jim Nagel, Archive
"I wish to thank you for your hospitality last Saturday. It was well organised and had a warm atmosphere. Also on behalf of Richard Brown of Castle" - Paul Reuver, XAT (translated from Dutch).

You're in for a dazzling show, be prepared!
For now... we're still working at the details. So do come again in a couple of days.

page updated: 09/12/2010 20:30