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Archive, subscription magazine for RISC OS Users

Jim Nagel, editor
RISC OS Ltd, developers of RISC OS 4 and 6

Paul Middleton

R-Comp & R-Comp InteractiveArchive, suppliers of RISC OS Software and hardware ARMini

Andrew Rawnsley

Martin Wuerthner
Will also attend his year. He will show the latest versions of his software.
RISC OS Open Ltd, developers of RISC OS 5

Steve Revill

Regio Heemskerk The members of the region Heemskerk take care of the network setup.

Regio Amstelveen The members of the region Amstelveen will take care of the second hand market.

Regio Oost and the workgroup 8 bitters The members of the region Oost and workgroup 8 bitters will show a econet network with old and new computers.

Workgroup Genealogie The workgroup Genealogie can answer all your questions about your ancestry.

Our friends from Belgium will visit us this year again. As alway it will be a surprise what they will bring and show.

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