Welcome to the international RISC OS eXperience show near Amsterdam!
The 2013 edition of this show will be held on Saturday 25 May from 10:00 to 16:00 at the same venue as in previous years:

Wijkgebouw de Vuister
Molenwerf 44
1541 WR Koog aan de Zaan
The Netherlands
Since many years the Big Ben Club centres its activities around the RISC OS operating system for homecomputers. RISC OS was developed in England in the nineties as a basic tool for ARM-processors and surroumding hardware, these being first introduced in the same period. RISC OS has prooven to be a comfortable software package for the fast and low-energy ARM-computers, at that time far ahead of MacOS and Windows. Linux wasn't there yet.

While ARM-processors have conquered the world, ARM-powered homecomputers were less succesfull. In the first decade of the century production came to a halt. Worldwide some hundreds are still in use.

And RISC OS? Several variants have been adapted for other processors but in ARM-powered hardware the special qualities come out best. Prominent among recent hardware that accomodates this nice OS is the space and energy saving Raspberry Pi. And it's quite affordable too!

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This year's Big Ben Club eXperience event will focus on the introduction and support of RISC OS and Raspberry Pi amongst Dutch users.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary Big Ben Club as an extra stimulus is planning to hand out RISC OS enabled Raspberry Pi's to dozens of its longstanding club members during the show. Nice aspect of a club like ours is the mutual support members can offer in getting things going. All is usually supposed to work Plug and Play - but real life might show different. Help is at hand then.

Fancy Raspberry Pi but not a member of our club? No problem, we'll help you just the same. On the lookout for a Pi or additional stuff? Or, got it all and longing for a chat? Our show is open to all, please do come in!

Suppliers of related hardware and software are welcome as well. The venue is free, there's no commercial surcharge. The "Vuister" hall offers good and flexible floor space capabilities. The main hall is alongside a free car park at the rear of the building. Quite near is a suburban train station. Bus stops at entrance. Drinks at a fair price.