RISC OS eXperience


Surely, as a RISC OS dedicated organisation or business you too are welcome to contribute to the RISC OS eXperience. There is no charge for stands, however you have of course to pay for your own travel and accommodation. We can help you in finding an overnight stay.

If you want to participate please inform us about the following:

  • activities of your organisation or business
  • your address and website, e-mail address
  • how much space would you require for your stand
  • how many people would accompany you to the event
  • do you want to give a presentation

"De Vuister" offers good and flexible floor space capabilities. The main hall is alongside a car park at the rear of the building.
Setting up the stand can be done on Saturday from 9 a.m.
A fast internet connection is available. Costs of consumptions and drinks are quite modest. Our club will provide you as a standholder with a lunch.


All enquiries about the RISC OS eXperience should be addressed to rox@bigbenclub.nl.
Reactions ment for our website are welcomed by the webmaster.