RISC OS eXperience

The annual Big Ben Club day was on Saturday May 18th 2024.
Thank you for attending and / or participating on the annual Big Ben Club day. If you could make it there we would like to welcome you in 2025 or at the ABUG-NL which will be held in the weekend from 4 til 6 oktober 2024. More info here
For many years now the Big Ben Club has centred its activities around the RISC OS operating system and Acorn retro computing. RISC OS was developed in the UK in the nineties, as a basic tool for home computers with ARM-processors and attached hardware, these being first introduced in the same period. RISC OS has proven to be a comfortable software package for the fast and low-energy ARM-computers, at that time far ahead of MacOS and Windows. Linux wasn't there yet.While ARM-processors have conquered the world, ARM-powered desktop computers were less succesfull.In the first decade of our century production came to a halt, but worldwide hundreds are still in use. And RISC OS? It is an open source system now, still under promising further development. Several variants have been adapted for recent equipment, while in ARM-powered hardware the special qualities come out best. Prominent among popular hardware that accomodates this nice OS is the space saving Raspberry Pi. And it's quite affordable too!Fancy the Raspberry Pi but not a member of our club? No problem, we'll help you out!
Big Ben Club focus is on the support of Raspberry Pi and RISC OS amongst Dutch users. Nice aspect of our club is the mutual support that members can offer in getting things going. All is usually supposed to work Plug and Play - but real life can be different and it's good to find a helping hand.